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58p.digital is a digital production consultancy. We will help you with audio, podcasting, video, newsletters, subscriptions, web & all things digital.

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Audio and Podcasting

We will help you with the overall strategy, production, distribution, marketing and monetization.

Digital Strategy

We will make sure your digital operation is up to speed with the latest trends and will teach your staff how to keep up.

Content Marketing

We will show you how to make better use of your content and help with distribution.

Best things are done inhouse

Let us teach your staff how to record, produce, edit, distribute, market and monetize your podcasts.

  • Podcasts

  • Distribution and marketing

  • Podcast SEO


360 €

Choose from a series of workshops on podcasting.

Matej Ohrablo


Matej Ohrablo

Matej has been producing audio and video professionally for almost a decade. He has worked in digital media on various projects and produced many of the most listened to Slovak podcasts. If you live in Slovakia, you have surely heard his work.

David Tvrdon


David Tvrdon

David has worked in digital media for over 10 years, helped kick start podcasting in Slovakia (yes, the whole country), and has over 5 years of experience in digital marketing. He specializes in digital strategy including subscription growth and retention, newsletters, and online distribution.

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We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Workshops and Strategy Sessions

We will come to you or meet your staff over regular sessions, in person or via videocalls.

360 € / 90 minutes

Online or offline in person we will get together with your staff and teach them all we know.

Case studies

We will share with you case studies of industry leaders, and work out how you can learn from them.

Tools you can use

In each session, we will share with you the best tools we use every day.

Digital strategy for your content and business

For big and small newsrooms, content marketing departments or company blogs. We are here to help you to optimize your reach.

  • Publishing strategies

  • Text, audio, video, charts

  • Memberships and subscriptions

Developing a new podcast

We will help you come up with a podcast format tailored for you and your brand or company.

  • Podcast structure

  • How to communicate your topics

  • Audience research

Setting up a new podcast

How to choose the right podcast hosting platform and how to maintain your feed.

  • Podcast hosting platform

  • Metadata

  • Best publishing times

Make your podcast even better

We will help you make better your existing podcast. The best promotion you can get is great content.

  • Analysis of your audience

  • Current podcasting trends

  • Tips for host and guests

How to set up your studio

We will prepare a tailored proposal with recommendations for the right kind of equipment that suits your needs.

  • Equipment advice

  • Mobile and static

  • Setup for online recordings

Recording and editing

We will teach you how to record, edit and produce your audio.

  • Recording best practices

  • Streamlining audio production

  • Software recommendations

Distribution and marketing

Once a podcast episode is published the work only starts. You have to get it to the right audiences.

  • Content repackaging

  • Social media sharing practices

  • Organic and paid marketing


Audio is not a first-class citizen on social networks and by turning your podcast into a video you can reach more listeners.

  • How to create an audiogram

  • Choosing the right clip

  • Social media strategies


The more you can understand your audience data the better you can shape your strategy.

  • Apple, Google, Spotify data

  • Industry data and trends

  • Inhouse research

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